Riders of the Month

  • OCTOBER - EFO Feature Rider of the Month: Vanessa Saccomani

    I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by! It seems like we were just planning our summer show schedule and here we are already mid-way through October. Time is definitely flying! 
    Since it is October, you can guess what that means! We are announcing our October Rider of the Month! This month we are featuring someone who has one of the most interesting jobs within the Equestrian industry that I have heard of (not going to lie I am a little jealous of her job). I will quit rambling on and announce that our Rider of the Month is none other than the amazing...
    Vanessa Saccomani!
  • SEPTEMBER - EFO Feature Rider of the Month: Lauren Shickler

    As the show season is winding down, we are more than happy to announce our September 'Featured Rider of the Month'. We wanted to focus our attention on a young rider who has proven to dedicated, determined and passionate throughout the 2018 season. Lauren Schickler, is just that. She has proven to be a very dedicated equestrian moving up the ranks. Finishing off her 1.0m season at the top of her class. We are honoured to feature her as our EFO rider of the month!
    Check out what the fabulous Lauren Schickler had to say! 
  • AUGUST - EFO Feature Rider of the Month: Kristjan Good

    We cannot believe how fast this season is flying by! Since we are already well into the month of August, it is about time we announce our EFO Rider of the Month! 
    For the month of August we have chosen...
    Kristjan Good! 
  • JULY - EFO Feature Rider of the Month: Selena O'Hanlon

    With the first long weekend of the summer over, here at EFO we are very happy to announce our next Feature Rider of the Month! 
    Selena O'Hanlon!