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Addressing Respiratory Issues with Neachai Ayurveda

Neachai Neachai Ayurveda

Addressing Respiratory Issues with Neachai Ayurveda

The intelligence of the body is incredible. We would all like to think we heal physical issues with the treatments we provide, but really the body's own immune system is what has the power. Our jobs are to provide the internal environment with the tools needed to heal itself. That's just the science of physiology regardless of the disease or dysfunction!
Respiratory issues are almost always caused by dysfunction in the internal environment. The outside environmental factors are merely triggers. Asthma/COPD originates in the stomach and affects the delicate mucosal lining ( a function of kapha). The Kapha disruption continues to its subdosha 'Avalambaka Kapha' (lungs, trachea, pericardium,
bronchioles and the cohesive layers that surround ). Lack of nourishment to these tissues create degeneration and dry cough, tight chest and wheezing . 🫁
Increase of the function causes heavy, excess fluid and pressure. Excess fluid naturally provokes coughing and release of sputum which is why its critical at this stage we don't try to suppress it with cough suppressants., this can escalate the disease process quickly.
Additionally, the intelligence of our body triggers coughing when a pathogen or irritant has been exposed. It constricts the throat to prevent entry to the body attempting to protect itself. Its very important we don't' reach for steroids or bronchodilators here. This is where you need to check in with nutrition, stress and environmental triggers.
A whopping 70% of your immune system resides in your gut! protect it at all costs!
Our Resp-eeze formulation is based off your horses genotype/dosha, its designed to protect and support the entire Respiratory system and fluid channels. Its effectiveness is a result of complete systemic support not in isolation to a symptom.
+ pair with Dileacha if any respiratory symptoms are present
+ chronic degenerative conditions require a custom formulation first, book a consult that covers nutrition and disease support.
🌿Lifestyle Management for Performance and Wellness Intelligence🌿

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