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Neachai Testimonials

Peter Gisborn 


Peter has coached many riders to success on Ontario’s ‘A’ circuit including the Royal Winter Fair and OHJA year-end awards. He has piloted many horses to wins in the jumper development series and continues to do so. Peter is also an active Grand Prix competitor. Being an active member of the horse community not only in the saddle but also out of it, he has served as a member on the OEF board, is a sponsor of the Royal Horse Show and has sat on the OHJA Board.

"The products are great. I have a horse that is very talented but has trouble focusing. I met Theresa while doing a clinic. We talked about her product. After a very short time I noticed an improvement in his ability to be trained. We had a very successful season in the prizes consistently. I attribute this a lot to the product we used on him. I would recommend any of the products for a wide variety of aids for your horse"

Kris Killam 


We have been using Theresa and Neachai Equine Ayurveda products for over a year. She has made custom blends for our horses to ensure they travel well and any potential issues are solved upon arrival, as well as any lameness issues or injuries. We always go to Theresa and Neachai before we try anything else. Her ulcer blend is a standard in our horses feed. 


Top Horses LLC, #1 importer of European bloodstock to North America and Kris Killam, Grand Prix rider and trainer, Dresden Manor Farm.

Danielle Berry • Owner/Trainer Blackberry Equestrian • Blackstock, Ontario

As the owner of Blackberry Equestrian Center we are always looking for the healthy yet economical solutions for our horses health needs. Neachai-Equine Ayurveda products can be customized to fit every horses needs as well as creating other solutions to every day problems that way occur. Her products have greatly improve my horses competitive edge. Before Neachai’s Resp-eeze, my 18h warmblood was on Dexemethasone injections as a result of heaves. He is now only on herbs and performing at his best. My Vet was thrilled at how clear his lungs were. 

I swear by all these products. I always suggest them to clients in my barn and they now use different products of Neachai-Equine Ayurveda.

Heather Lee Reid • Owner/Instructor • Spine To Spine Equestrian Fitness
Certified Level 2 Stott Pilates Instructor

First of all, Theresa Gilligan saved my horse's life. When two vets had given up on the plum-sized tumor in Molly, my thirty-two year old mare's nasal passage and told me to say my good-bye's, Theresa showed up and, using her Neachai Ayurvedic-based herbs, made the tumor disappear in three days. I mean, it was gone!

Over a period of eight months, I moved all my horses onto her Neachai herbal treatments from de-worming to de-ticking to general health and stability. My champion dressage mare is no longer on prescription drugs of any sort for any issues. In fact, all her 'issues' have disappeared completely. My little, 26 year old, quarter-horse gelding is acting like a three year old and I'm hoping to put him back to work in the Spring.

Theresa is extremely well informed and up to date on her subject and has a quick and accurate eye for assessing equine problems. Her herbal treatments are gentle, always fresh and of the best quality. On top of everything else, she will save you money. That's a combo that's pretty hard to beat. 

I recommend her and her company, Neachai Equine Ayurveda, without reservation.

Kelly Katrynuk • Equine Massage Therapist • Loving Touch Equine

I met Theresa while I was doing a massage for her horse. I started talking about the product that I was using and how I liked to use all natural products and she told me that she made all natural products. I asked her if I could try some on my horses and my clients horses, and see how the horses reacted to her products. 

I have never looked back. I have received countless remarks from my clients about how supple their horses feel, how their strides are longer, how they bend easier etc. As for myself, my horse tore a tendon and I was told he wouldn't be able to be ridden for the rest of the summer (this was June) I started with Neachai products asap and I was riding my horse a month later and he was sound!!! I even bought my friends Neachai products for Christmas!! :) I truly LOVE this stuff!!

Michelle Horne-Pozniak • FEI German Certified licensed trainer • Claremont, Ontario​

In February of 2013 I moved home from Europe and brought my horse along with me. She is a very high-energy girl and when overseas we had her on a very special diet that also contained herbs to keep her a little quieter. Since coming home she became very upset and unstable. I was trying everything, every herb in the store, research of what else I could give her but nothing was working.

Someone recommended Neachai-Equine Ayurveda. So I contacted Theresa and she worked with me to help my girl get better. Within 48 hours of having her on the herbs she was back to her sweet happy self. I use calming herbs as well as a joint and recovery herb combined to help my girl stay healthy through our trainings and competing all summer.  

I also have all my client horses on her herbs and they all rave how great their horses look and are behaving. The herbs are not only for temperament! 

Brenda Langendoen •B'N'R Stables

Thanks to Dublin Dip my horse had an exceptional recovery from a severe allergic reaction. 

After daily treatments with Neachai's Dublin Dip and regular cleaning with Neachai's Bacterial Wash, hair was already come back fully on my horse's muzzle. The dermatitis expanded up the face and to the white markings on the legs. Dublin Dip has helped to easily and painlessly remove the scabs and heal those areas without any scarring.

Brittany Parsons • Woodbine Racetrack • Toronto​

Theresa was absolutely wonderful to work with, I told her the symptoms and issues i wanted to fix with my mares and she customized individual products for each. These are both thoroughbred fillies in training with their own needs, one tied up with any amount of work on a daily basis, she had 3 days off and was started on her customized herbs and on the 4th day she trained and came back with no signs of tying up. 

My Second filly is a special chestnut girl with tons of spirit, I didn't want her being sluggish or have her spirit taken away, after starting her on Re-balance she settled but still had her life and personality! It was great to see these girls happy and healthy without having to use medication!

Deanna O'Brien • Ajax, Ontario​

Where do I begin?

I was referred to Theresa and her Neachai Equine Ayurveda business by a fellow equestrian when I was seeking help for my sister’s senior pony Aurora who suffers from COPD.

Right away Theresa recommended the Resp-Eeze product and tailor-made it to fit Aurora’s specific needs. I was so impressed with the effectiveness of this product that I decided to start using other products that Neachai offered! I quickly got Aurora on Reprieve as well to help keep her old joints comfortable and working well. People see her go and are amazed that she is 28 years old!

I then got my Warmblood/Thoroughbred mare on some of her products as well. Starting with Re-Balance as she suffers from some anxiety in the ring when she is alone and I found that it really helped take the edge off without interfering with her energy level.

Bianca then got a nasty cut on her side and I went directly to Theresa to ask what she could suggest! She recommended Dublin Dip and I am VERY happy with the results! No scarring, no proud flesh – amazing!
Next was my female Doberman Apex. She suffers from Spay Incontinence and of course I went to Theresa first to find a treatment plan as I did not want to riddle my dog with harmful chemicals from the vet’s office. Theresa has worked hard in finding things that will work for Apex and (as this is a new issue) I believe we are well on our way to solving Apex’s leaking issue! I have already seen results as it is and Theresa has been so diligent with trying to work things out for my sweet Apex!

I could probably write a novel here about all the things I have ordered and LOVED! I can’t thank Theresa enough for everything she has done for my animals. She has been a huge part in my animals’ health and well-being and she always will be!