Top 5 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Top 5 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Top 5 Father's Day Gift Ideas

From Equestrian Fashion Outfitters

The month of June signifies the start of summer, new adventures and for Canadian equestrians, a busy month of showing and riding. For fathers of equestrians, this means a busy month of travelling to and from the barn to help out wherever they are needed. This is the perfect time for us to showcase our top 5 gift ideas for men as Father's Day is only a few short weeks away!

An equestrian father has to balance being everything from a groom, a driver, best friend, snack provider, horse holder, treat supplier, you name it. Sometimes, fathers, especially equestrian fathers, can be difficult to shop for. That’s why, we have made a list of our top 5 gifts we would suggest gifting the male father figure in your life.

These gifts are also great for non-horsey dads!


black work boots

The Petrie Outlanders are a great gift to consider for Father’s Day. They are a robust pull-on ankle boot for outdoor use, made of nubuck leather with a soft calfskin lining and an elastic instep. The soft comfort sole and shaft make this a great walking and hiking boot. The Petrie Outlander boots are also made of 100% waterproof nubuck leather, meaning no puddle of water or foot of mud can stand in your way.
Give dad the gift of comfort, style and durability all in one boot with the Petrie Outlanders.


container filled with pot of gold, anti-inflammatory cream

Pot of Gold! Pot of Gold! POT OF GOLD!

We could not rave about this product enough. Pot of Gold is a joint and soft tissue cream that aids in the relief of osteo conditions, sore or inflamed muscles, tendons and ligaments. Use pre or post workout to loosen muscles, relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The perfect gift for relieving all soreness that may come from everyday life. Available in one size, 16oz.


male equestrian in the black HKM sportshell jacket

The HKM Softshell Jacket is the favourite jacket of all the men involved with Equestrian Fashion Outfitters. They all have one and none of them are equestrians, making this a great gift for all dads! The HKM Softshell Sport Jacket is the perfect all-weather jacket for any male. You can rest assured that you will be comfortable, warm and dry in this HKM Softshell Sport Jacket. Bonus: this jacket is super flattering for everyone, whether you are in the saddle, out on the town or working at the barn. 


The HKM Men's Denim Full Seat Silicone Breeches combine the comfort and functionality of breeches with the look of jeans. Easily go from barn to city without having to change out of your breeches. The silicone seat has just the right amount of grip to give you that connection you are looking for in the saddle. These breeches are the perfect gift for male equestrians on Father’s Day!


 dog playing with a carrot toy

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, right? So, why not get dad a dog toy to play fetch with his best friend! These dog toys have been tested by dogs that are very tough on toys and they passed with flying colours. Available in a horse head, carrot and extra-large carrot design.

Head on over to our website or shop in-store for Father's Day today!


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