Vetrolin hydrating horse shampoo for horses and equestrians.

Vetrolin White & Brite Shampoo

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Vetrolin White & Brite Shampoo

Layers Shampoo Premium Light and Dark: - - Recommended for deep cleaning, whitening and brighten clear coats animals and to clean and enhance reflexes to dark layers. - Bleaching Detergents remove the toughest yellow stains and brightening clear coats. - Optical Enhancers give reflections to the darker layers. - It produces a thick foam deep cleans by removing dander, dust and dirt. - Indicated for horses and dogs. - Body Wash Applicator fits hose: save the job of rubbing and reduces product consumption. - Recommended by the American Equestrian Federation (USEF) and the Association of American Quarter (AQHA). - 946 ml containers.

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